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Your Place in Spain currently understand that the Brexit decision will affect the purchase process of buying a permanent or holiday home in Spain.


Well firstly we must advise any changes will take effect only when Britain officially leaves the EU and we understand that is circa 2 to 4 years from when the button is pressed, metaphorically speaking.

What will change?

We can only look at how property in Spain is purchased from countries outside of the EU, countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Australia and America, for example. The process appears to be straight forward, affordable, and manageable.
It maybe a Visa will be required (available on-line in some locations.) It maybe that the legal costs will increase as the process required for a non EU buyer will perhaps be a little more long winded.
It maybe that the Spanish government will require another tax (why wouldn’t they, like every county they may see an opportunity)

Health care

This is an area where uncertainty is high, currently retirees (65 years plus) from the UK receive free healthcare on a reciprocal basis. It has been mooted that many tens of thousands of Spanish people currently live & work in the UK across many sectors, anything that damages that agreement may impact on those people too.

The value of the Euro

This is a difficult one, in as much as since the decision to leave the EU the euro/pound exchange rate fell to as low as circa 1.16 from a pre referendum high of circa 1.30. As we write this document the rate stands at 1.19 fluctuating around the 1.20 mark, interestingly over the last 4 years the rates have been just as volatile with some highs and lows.
One benefit not to be overlooked is that with the current rates any British seller with a view to returning to Britain will receive more sterling, which could suggest that asking prices are open to a haggle.
After speaking with our currency exchange partners we understand that until an exit, and the timeline for an exit is established, the Euro may well continue to be just as volatile.

A Property purchase stampede?

We Brits love Spain and Spain loves us Brits, the weather, the beaches, the cost of living, the people, the golf, and the villages. For many buyers the dream of owning ‘Your Place in Spain’ is still on, with 2 years at least before any changes are likely to be implemented it may just be the time to get serious again about the prospect of buying before any increases are implemented.

Here is a link to an article written by Mr Marl Stucklin a well renowned Spanish Property market analyst: http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/2016/06/27/post-brexit-change-will-come-slowly-british-expats-spain/

So should you begin to turn you mind to buying in Spain, let us help. We look forward to hearing your property criteria and requirements and helping you in your search. Take a look around the property on our site, and for further information get in touch here.


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If you’re flying out to Spain anytime soon and getting familiar with locations, whether for a holiday or viewing property, then it’s a great idea to chat with the locals.


If you don’t speak Spanish but would like to be able to hold a little conversation, then learning a few words and phrases to have up your sleeve will come in handy when you’re out in bars, restaurants and shops.


When it comes to speaking Spanish, the one very important thing to always remember, is to be enthusiastic.  If you’re trying hard to speak to the locals, then it will always be well received.


Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know how to respond to some questions, there is nothing wrong with a simple ‘no entiendo’ / ‘I don’t understand.’


Here’s a few introductory phrases that will ease you in to chatting to the locals next time you’re in Spain:


Hola, ¿Qué tal?   –  Hello, how are you?
Buenos dias  –  Good Morning
Buenas tardes  –  Good Afternoon
Buenas noches  –  Good Evening
Hasta luego – Bye  / See you
Muchas Gracias – Thank you very much
Por favor – Please
¿Cómo te llamas?  –  What’s your name?
Me llamo…  –  My name is…
Mucho gusto  –  Pleased to meet you


If you get stuck, and the Spanish locals say something to you that you are unsure of, then don’t panic, the following phrases will get you out of any awkward spots –


No entiendo  –  I don’t understand
Lo Siento  –  I am sorry
Por favor hable más despacio  –  More slowly, please
Perdone, no hablo muy bien espanol  –  I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish very well
Habla usted ingles? – Do you speak English?


Don’t worry about asking if the Spanish speak English. You will find that many do even if it is just a little, and in many Spanish schools English is now taught as a second language.


Learn these few phrases and try them out next time you’re travelling in Spain. You’ll be pleased that you’ve given it a go, and from learning just a few words you’re building great foundations for learning more and more of the Spanish language.


Soon you’ll be speaking like one of the locals yourself…


¡Buena suerte!  –  Good luck!


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Today is Three Kings Day in Spain, a very special day spent celebrating with family, much like Christmas Day is here in the UK.


It is a national holiday celebrated across the country as the Three Kings arrive bearing gifts. The annual parades start at sunset on 5th January all over Spain, with crowds gathering to welcome the kings, and sweets and treats being handed out to children.


Tradition has it that the children then leave out shoes to be filled with gifts from the Three Kings, and today is spent celebrating with family, food and the exchanging of gifts. It is a very special holiday for all in Spain and a great time to visit and observe the festivities. 


A very important meal on this day is Breakfast, with the Three Kings Cake taking centre stage.  This is a sweet bread covered with dried fruits and sugar. Traditionally bakers will have hidden a small prize wrapped in paper as well as a bean. The one who finds the prize is named King or Queen for the day while the guest who ends up with the unlucky bean has to pay for next years Three Kings Cake – and considering that some of these cakes can be very expensive depending on the treats inside, nobody wants to get the bean! Good Luck!

3 Kings


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Is the rejuvenated Spanish property market about to go in to overdrive?  As we enter the last month of 2015, there are plenty of sound bites suggesting that it may just do that.


Demand from British buyers was up by 53% in the 3rd quarter of this year against the first quarter of 2015. As the year has progressed Spanish homes are being snapped by the Brits and guess what… the prices are rising.

The year round Spanish sun & endless beaches attract visitors from all over the world

As Spanish property registrars have documented, property prices have increased overall by around 6.6% since March 2014.  Mortgage acceptances have also increased by some 17% against September 2014.  Property is in high demand, & it is written that there are currently in excess of a million properties for sale across Spain. 


Some pessimists may question the credibility of the data, and some will say so they should. However we can only report about our experience in the locations that we work in here at Your Place in Spain Ltd – The North and South of the Costa Blanca, Murcia & Costa Calida and the Costa Almeria too.

Beautiful property in high demand

In our experience on the ground we have had fantastic levels of interest from the platforms used to show our portfolio of properties.  We have had clients queuing for appointments, and even property selling within hours of being put on the market.  


We’ve also seen customers place offers for the asking price and be refused as the sellers, quickly realising the high demand of the market, believing that they can achieve more money than first thought! Can we really blame them?

Anyone for Tapas?

Anyone for Tapas?

As the exchange rate is currently sitting at circa 1.42 euro to the pound, for buyers, it is back to the Boom years of 2002 to 2006 when it comes to purchasing property.


The ‘double whammy’ on offer this time though is that current property prices are anywhere between 25% and 65% lower than they were in those boom years, & this is a major contributor to the buoyancy of the market in the hot spots.

A Mediterranean lifestyle. The Spanish culture, food & drink.

A Mediterranean lifestyle. The Spanish culture, food & drink.

To cap it all, the new developments currently being undertaken across the Costa Blanca (which we understand to be in excess of 50) are being built, and some of to the very highest standards, to help deal with the demand.


So whilst some data will be heavily debated, we perhaps should take on board, and remind ourselves of the reasons for this possible or probable resurgence in the Spanish property market.

Dreaming of owning a property in Spain? Now is a fantastic time to make it a reality...

Dreaming of owning a property in Spain? Now is a fantastic time to make it a reality…

If you’re thinking about buying property in Spain, now is a fantastic time to take advantage of the exchange rate and low property prices. Don’t hang around or leave it too late.


Take a look at our website here, and see our selection of property. Let us help you, get in touch today here.


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