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At Your Place in Spain Ltd we have a commitment to the phrase ‘buy safely,’ so much so that we practically insist that you, our client, speak with an independent Spanish solicitor, which is without obligation, prior to flying out to view a property.

The benefit of doing this, is that you are fully informed of your obligations as a property owner in Spain, and that includes taxes and the purchase process, including all fees.  There are so many different figures thrown out to prospects, even a well known TV program is suggesting that there is “10% to add on top” of the purchase price, that figure is only the tax due, but what about the Notary fees, Land registry, solicitors fees?

The attitude of ‘no surprises’ for you in your purchasing process ensures that the buying decision is an informed one, as well as an emotional one, after all we understand buying your Spanish home is the realisation of a dream for many.


Once you have made the decision to buy, and you have the funds available, and an idea of where ideally you want to be, you now just want to make the right decision on the property and location.

So what to do next?

Your Place in Spain believes the current market offers opportunity for everyone, the prices are competitive, and many of the properties are in good locations.  It stands to reason any buyer should want to be advised of all that is available that fits their requirements in their chosen location.

We understand requirements as well as locations can change when you are actually in Spain.


Being prepared before travelling to the location and having an understanding of the obligations, cost and type of property that you want to view will maximize the time available to you whilst you are in the location, looking at what you actually want to see.

It is understandable that whilst the sun is shining, and the weather is warm, being taken to look at property that is of no interest to you would cause frustration. This can impact on your decision and affect your search for the right property in a negative way.

At Your Place in Spain Ltd we will work with your requirements and provide a property portfolio of details & images that fit those requirements. This way, you can then see the properties and get a feel for what your money can buy you. If you then wish to view one or a selection of the portfolio, the appointment is arranged, and whatever happens after that is down to you, and what you want to do.

So to summarise, we believe that buying in Spain is a straight forward process for you, the client, when you are fully informed of your obligations.  When you know what your cash will buy you and you’re prepared with an informative portfolio before you start the viewings, and when you have identified the style of properties to view, then there is a good chance that you will arrive at the realisation of your dream!


With over 2500 available properties across our portfolio in the regions of Costa Blanca South, Costa Blanca North, Murcia, Marbella and Costa Almeria, we believe we can help most achieve that dream, following our process of being informed and in control………..Get in touch see how we can help you.

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