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Did we jinx the weather here in Manchester last Saturday when we posted on social media about how glorious it was to see the sunshine again? Probably! Sorry about that…


But the sun was most definitely shining after a miserable & grey week, so whilst the sky was blue and the weather warm we had to make the most of it.

Last week, one of my very favourite lifestyle bloggers ‘The Londoner’ (Check out her blog and give it a read, it’s fantastic) recently told her readers about her famous White Peach Sangria.


I love Sangria and always make some when I can, but this sounded like a lighter, more refreshing and crisper version of the rich and sweet traditional Spanish Sangria that I usually make.

I couldn’t wait to give it a try & was impressed at how easy it is to make too. All you need is white wine, lemonade, ice and peaches.


Just slice a couple of peaches, pop them into your jug with plenty of ice. Add lemonade and white wine, its completely up to you how much of these you want to add.

As this was still the afternoon I added a little more lemonade than wine, although if I was making this for an evening party I’d definitely add a little more of the wine.

sangira in glass 2

It’s so moreish and very easy to drink. It tastes perfect anyway that you choose to make it really & you can also try this with sparking water if you find the lemonade a little too sweet.

Next time the sun is shining give it a go. I think this would be the perfect summer party drink & would definitely impress your guests too.

sangria FB

Although, here in Manchester I don’t know how long we’ll be waiting for the sun to emerge again…maybe just give it a go and dream of the beaches in Spain then?



Check out ‘The Londoner’ here – www.thelondoner.me


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