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If you’re flying out to Spain anytime soon and getting familiar with locations, whether for a holiday or viewing property, then it’s a great idea to chat with the locals.


If you don’t speak Spanish but would like to be able to hold a little conversation, then learning a few words and phrases to have up your sleeve will come in handy when you’re out in bars, restaurants and shops.


When it comes to speaking Spanish, the one very important thing to always remember, is to be enthusiastic.  If you’re trying hard to speak to the locals, then it will always be well received.


Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know how to respond to some questions, there is nothing wrong with a simple ‘no entiendo’ / ‘I don’t understand.’


Here’s a few introductory phrases that will ease you in to chatting to the locals next time you’re in Spain:


Hola, ¿Qué tal?   –  Hello, how are you?
Buenos dias  –  Good Morning
Buenas tardes  –  Good Afternoon
Buenas noches  –  Good Evening
Hasta luego – Bye  / See you
Muchas Gracias – Thank you very much
Por favor – Please
¿Cómo te llamas?  –  What’s your name?
Me llamo…  –  My name is…
Mucho gusto  –  Pleased to meet you


If you get stuck, and the Spanish locals say something to you that you are unsure of, then don’t panic, the following phrases will get you out of any awkward spots –


No entiendo  –  I don’t understand
Lo Siento  –  I am sorry
Por favor hable más despacio  –  More slowly, please
Perdone, no hablo muy bien espanol  –  I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish very well
Habla usted ingles? – Do you speak English?


Don’t worry about asking if the Spanish speak English. You will find that many do even if it is just a little, and in many Spanish schools English is now taught as a second language.


Learn these few phrases and try them out next time you’re travelling in Spain. You’ll be pleased that you’ve given it a go, and from learning just a few words you’re building great foundations for learning more and more of the Spanish language.


Soon you’ll be speaking like one of the locals yourself…


¡Buena suerte!  –  Good luck!


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