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This weekend, all across Spain, Noche de San Juan is being celebrated.

A very special weekend, with bonfires created on beaches and fireworks flying through the night sky. The tradition is a celebration of Summer Solstice, and a cleanse of any bad luck from the year before. Wishes are made over the bonfires, and the celebrations are believed to bring good luck into the year ahead.

Some jump over the bonfires, some take a dip in the sea, and others simply soak up the joyous atmosphere. It is a special celebration, a time for families and friends to come together, and look ahead at all that is to come.

It is a magical night, the firelight and fireworks go on well into the night, and with Spanish schools finishing for the summer holidays this week too, there is an air of fun and adventure in the air.

Have you ever been in Spain for the Noche de San Juan celebrations? If not, we highly recommend it. It is a truly special event, that you won’t want to miss.

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