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The beautiful city of Marbella has very quickly become one of the most popular destinations in all of Spain. Just a short distance from Malaga airport, home to over 27km’s of beautiful sandy beaches, and with some of the most stunning property in the world… it’s easy to see why.

Located on the Costa del Sol, it is a haven for both holiday makers and home owners, offering almost everything you can think of to ensure a beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle.

The weather, the beaches, the outdoor lifestyle, the bars and restaurants, the gyms and health centres, the golf courses, the port of Puerto Banus….the list goes on!

Whether you prefer to be right in the heart of the action, or a quieter location a little further away from the centre of it all, Marbella can offer it all.

Marbella is known as a destination of the rich and famous, and understandably so, with its glittering marina of luxurious yachts, and beautiful hotels and properties. But it is also a very beautiful and traditional Andalusian city, with areas that are untouched by the glitzy lifestyle, instead enjoying a more traditional and low key vibe.

Does Marbella sound like the place for you? Why not take a browse through our properties in the location, here. Or get in touch with us, here, and let us help you on your journey.

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It’s been quite a while since we last posted, or wrote a blog post, and so we decided it was about time we get back into sharing with our loyal followers.

Over the past few years, we’ve been taking our time to understand the landscape of the Spanish property industry post Brexit. We also took some time to discover areas of Spain that we hadn’t been to before, and settled down for a couple of years of living by the sea, learning the language, and taking in the full experience of living in Spain.

It’s been a transformative journey, and we have learned so much. During that process it has been an honour to be able to pass on those experiences and our advice to our customers, and we are so looking forward to continuing to do just that.

We’ve always been here, quietly working in the background and still helping many to find their very own place in Spain.  Now feels a very good time to reach out and connect with our followers once again, to write blog posts, and share updates and properties that we think our customers will love.

We’re here to help, as always. So stay tuned, there’s plenty to come…..

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Spanish Property For Sale.

Buenos Dias, and we hope you and your families are in ‘buena salud.’

Well at last, something positive to write about, the Spanish Government has begun the slow process of a return to what some are calling the new normal. We will watch with fingers crossed, hoping it goes well.

After so much has been written and broadcast across all media platforms, we hope to look forward as opposed to repeating the narrative. Now, we want to begin to provide some information to those people who are looking to move forward and re-kindle the dream of owning a property in Spain.

Your Place in Spain offers Spanish Property for Sale on the Costa Blanca, Murcia/Costa Calida & the Costa del Sol. We work with a process that (should our customers require) includes a free of charge, pre-visit chat with an independent solicitor located in Spain. We strongly advise this, and believe it is vital buyers gain an understanding of the obligations of a homeowner in Spain, once the purchase has completed.

Apartments, townhouses & villas are all available in the locations of our portfolio. As well as location information, we plan to advise on current availability of property in the those locations.

Should your search be ongoing or about to begin, for any information required please send us an e-mail using the details on our Contact Us page here.

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Your Place in Spain currently understand that the Brexit decision will affect the purchase process of buying a permanent or holiday home in Spain.


Well firstly we must advise any changes will take effect only when Britain officially leaves the EU and we understand that is circa 2 to 4 years from when the button is pressed, metaphorically speaking.

What will change?

We can only look at how property in Spain is purchased from countries outside of the EU, countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Australia and America, for example. The process appears to be straight forward, affordable, and manageable.
It maybe a Visa will be required (available on-line in some locations.) It maybe that the legal costs will increase as the process required for a non EU buyer will perhaps be a little more long winded.
It maybe that the Spanish government will require another tax (why wouldn’t they, like every county they may see an opportunity)

Health care

This is an area where uncertainty is high, currently retirees (65 years plus) from the UK receive free healthcare on a reciprocal basis. It has been mooted that many tens of thousands of Spanish people currently live & work in the UK across many sectors, anything that damages that agreement may impact on those people too.

The value of the Euro

This is a difficult one, in as much as since the decision to leave the EU the euro/pound exchange rate fell to as low as circa 1.16 from a pre referendum high of circa 1.30. As we write this document the rate stands at 1.19 fluctuating around the 1.20 mark, interestingly over the last 4 years the rates have been just as volatile with some highs and lows.
One benefit not to be overlooked is that with the current rates any British seller with a view to returning to Britain will receive more sterling, which could suggest that asking prices are open to a haggle.
After speaking with our currency exchange partners we understand that until an exit, and the timeline for an exit is established, the Euro may well continue to be just as volatile.

A Property purchase stampede?

We Brits love Spain and Spain loves us Brits, the weather, the beaches, the cost of living, the people, the golf, and the villages. For many buyers the dream of owning ‘Your Place in Spain’ is still on, with 2 years at least before any changes are likely to be implemented it may just be the time to get serious again about the prospect of buying before any increases are implemented.

Here is a link to an article written by Mr Marl Stucklin a well renowned Spanish Property market analyst: http://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/2016/06/27/post-brexit-change-will-come-slowly-british-expats-spain/

So should you begin to turn you mind to buying in Spain, let us help. We look forward to hearing your property criteria and requirements and helping you in your search. Take a look around the property on our site, and for further information get in touch here.


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