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Don’t panic Mr Mannering” was the cry in Dads army (the British comedy about the home guard) when the Germans were invading! Well the Spanish may well have to shout “no se preocupe mi amigo los británicos están llegando de Nuevo”  in short ” “don’t panic the Brits are coming“!!


It would appear we could be at the beginning of a “panic buying” situation if these figures continue to grow at such a rate, it would be sensible to speak with a UK agent to perhaps understand what’s going on! We recently reported that on the Costa Blanca the statement that “there is a shortage of available property” may have been difficult to digest but as nothing has been built for 5 years and the demand rising….no suprise in excess of 50 new developments are in progress on the Costa Blanca.


The latest report by the Times last weekend highlighted that overseas property sales to UK buyers are up by a huge 84% in Spain and 65% in France. In what is a snapshot from Currencies direct it is more evidence to the fact we Brits still have a passion for Spain.


So are buyers now faced with the dilemma of location v price? or resale or new technology build? Interesting one, communication is required, deals are still available but a lot of what was built in the boom period is in shall we say less than desirable locations.


Your Place in Spain the Spanish property specialists have a passion for all things Spain and offer clients a service that helps maintain that passion without forgetting the key things that make a smooth purchase. Their clients receive a portfolio of available property that fits or gets as close as possible to client’s requirements, so the client is looking at property they want to see not what someone wants to show them!


Should the client wish to purchase ,that process is smooth using local expertise with no surprises for the buyer.


With available Spanish properties on the Costa Blanca, Murcia, Costa Almeria and Marbella it is reasonable to accept they will have a dream home for everyone! Talk to them today on 0161 870 2276 or visit www.yourplaceinspain.com

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