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Don’t panic Mr Mannering” was the cry in Dads army (the British comedy about the home guard) when the Germans were invading! Well the Spanish may well have to shout “no se preocupe mi amigo los británicos están llegando de Nuevo”  in short ” “don’t panic the Brits are coming“!!


It would appear we could be at the beginning of a “panic buying” situation if these figures continue to grow at such a rate, it would be sensible to speak with a UK agent to perhaps understand what’s going on! We recently reported that on the Costa Blanca the statement that “there is a shortage of available property” may have been difficult to digest but as nothing has been built for 5 years and the demand rising….no suprise in excess of 50 new developments are in progress on the Costa Blanca.


The latest report by the Times last weekend highlighted that overseas property sales to UK buyers are up by a huge 84% in Spain and 65% in France. In what is a snapshot from Currencies direct it is more evidence to the fact we Brits still have a passion for Spain.


So are buyers now faced with the dilemma of location v price? or resale or new technology build? Interesting one, communication is required, deals are still available but a lot of what was built in the boom period is in shall we say less than desirable locations.


Your Place in Spain the Spanish property specialists have a passion for all things Spain and offer clients a service that helps maintain that passion without forgetting the key things that make a smooth purchase. Their clients receive a portfolio of available property that fits or gets as close as possible to client’s requirements, so the client is looking at property they want to see not what someone wants to show them!


Should the client wish to purchase ,that process is smooth using local expertise with no surprises for the buyer.


With available Spanish properties on the Costa Blanca, Murcia, Costa Almeria and Marbella it is reasonable to accept they will have a dream home for everyone! Talk to them today on 0161 870 2276 or visit www.yourplaceinspain.com

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Along with ‘Your place in Spain’ Manchester’s very own Spanish Property showroom, Evuna NQ a Spanish tapas bar/restaurant is a welcome addition to the already existing Spanish restaurants in the city.

A visit is well worth while and a place where clients of ‘Your Place in Spain’ would experience a similar ambiance to any busy tapas bar in Murcia, Marbella, Almeria or the Costa Blanca.


The décor is suitably dark wood, an authentic furniture style, candles and subdued lighting as well as a lively chatter creating a typical Spanish tapas environment. The food was as expected it was delicious, you can see my review on Trip Advisor using the following link http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187069-d4611205-Reviews-Evuna_NQ-Manchester_Greater_Manchester_England.html.

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The restaurant was full not surprising as word travels fast about good eateries but that isn’t the only place that is getting a lot of attention, just as it appears where the Spanish property market is concerned, enquiries are up, planned visits after holidays back to Almeria, Murcia or Marbella to view available property are up and there are still great deals to be had in all locations from the Costa Blanca right down and round the coast to Marbella, check out www.yourplaceinspain,com see what’s on offer or send us your requirements from the web site and we will do the rest.

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Information highlighting the ‘stabilising of the property sector’ from the Bank Of Spain has been released, stating that property sales to foreigners are performing especially well, also with recent statistics released by the Ministry of public works showing that prices are beginning to mellow out, with only a 0.5% decrease between the last quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014.

span banks

The Spanish property market is still one of Europe’s cheapest options for purchase, ahead of France & Italy. It would appear the project, ‘Paramount theme park’, is beginning to gather momentum. It was stated last week that Central government had got involved with fundraising for the project and requested 17million euro to get the project underway from the European Foundation for Regional Development.

With the airport at Covera ready and waiting to become operational, it appears that both projects need each other and this request for funding may not have necessarily been made if the two projects were not being looked upon favourably by those that will be involved in the final decision making process.

The start of the project seems to have been on the agenda for years, but if the sound bites are correct it could be a lot closer than in previous years, the projection of attracting 3 million visitors a year and creating circa 23,000 jobs is contributing to the bigger picture that Spain continues to recover in the construction sector faster than any of its European counterparts, the demand is back Any consideration for buying in the Murcia & Costa Blanca regions now, based upon this information, could be a good move!

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We all have that special place.  That place where the stress of everyday life just ebbs away, where you feel perfectly happy and content.  For me, that place is in Spain.  In Murcia to be exact, in a little place called Los Alcazares.

After many years of spending whole summers on the Mar Menor, I completely fell in love with this area.  This little place that I’m talking about is what I call my favourite spot, the place that I would choose as my last view on Earth if I had too.

The beautiful view at sundown in Los Alcazares

The beautiful view at sundown in Los Alcazares

Now, there is nothing particularly glamorous about this place, no big story to it.  It is just a small beach bar, a little table, with a view of the sea, the sound of the waves and the Spanish locals chatting around me.  At this point, I won’t lie, I usually have a Bacardi and coke in hand too…. We are in Spain after all!

Of course, I’ve got many favourite places in Spain.  The list is endless for me, I go from town to town, city to city, Costa to Costa falling in love with a new place every time.  This little place of mine is a million miles away from the busy cities of Murcia and Cartagena, the glamour of Marbella, the beautiful heights of Almeria.  But there is a certain something about this spot in Los Alcazares that has my heart.

Joanne Lynsdale in Los Alcazares

Joanne Lynsdale in Los Alcazares

I know that I’m not alone in feeling this connection with a place.  So many clients that I speak to have the same love of a certain part of Spain.  That special view they want to see every day, a beach they want to call their own.  In fact, my favourite part of helping our clients find their perfect property is hearing about those little details and special memories that make the process of finding and purchasing a property of their own so very important.

This is why we do what we do.  We know what it is like to feel that connection with a place, coming up with the plans to purchase somewhere, to get yourself a little place of your own in that special area that you love.  To have it all come together is the best feeling in the world.  It isn’t impossible, you know what they say, if you can dream it, you can do it.  Let us help.

Your Dream. Our Passion. Talk to us today…

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